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Miami Recreational Boating Accident Attorneys Pursue Justice for Victims

Florida lawyers help clients injured on the water

The Miami personal injury attorneys at Law Offices of Kirshner, Groff & Diaz help those who have been hurt in boating or fishing accidents. Boating accidents cause about 600 deaths per year throughout the United States. There are many people injured each year on the waters of Florida. Our attorneys work to get justice for those who have been hurt due to the negligence of another boater.

Helping those hurt on boats or personal watercraft

Boats and personal watercraft such as water scooters can be fun when used safely. Unfortunately, sometimes they are involved in accidents due to negligence, the use of alcohol or weather conditions. When riders or passengers are involved in an accident, they face many dangers. They may fall without leaving the vessel they are riding. This can cause head injuries such as concussions as well as broken bones and lost teeth. Riders can also be crushed between two vessels or between a vessel and some other object. There is also a danger of drowning, especially in cases where the rider has been knocked unconscious. Our attorneys help victims of recreational boating accidents in the Miami area get compensation for their injuries.

Understanding Florida boat safety

Safety gear and procedures are essential for any activity involving the water. From the most experienced fisherman to a vacationer riding a personal watercraft for the first time, anyone can find themselves in dangerous conditions on the water. It is important to always carry Coast Guard approved flotation devices for each person onboard the boat or watercraft. Larger vessels have more equipment requirements. Boaters and PWC riders should always take safety classes. These classes are required in some states for adults and in nearly all states for minors. It is important to never mix alcohol with boating. Alcohol slows a boat operator’s reaction time and leads to accidents. If you have been hurt by a negligent or drunk boater, we can help.

Causes of boat wrecks

Boat wrecks are typically caused by weather conditions or human error. Properly trained boaters understand how to safely navigate in all situations, even when there is limited visibility or no visibility due to inclement weather. Following proper procedures for encountering and passing other vessels is essential for preventing crashes. When someone operates a vessel improperly and causes you to suffer an injury, we fight to get you justice.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a boating accident, call us today.

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